6KU Fixie Bike Review

6KU Fixie Bike Review – Best Cheap Fixie Bikes

On our quest to find the best cheap fixie bikes we came across the ever popular 6KU Fixie bike. While this fixie is low on price it is high on quality all the way from the looks to the components. You will be hard pressed to find cheap fixie bikes in this price range with the quality craftsmanship that comes standard with the 6KU fixie. 

The highlights of the 6KU have to start with the outstanding looks and color options available straight out of the box. The all black is classic with a matte finish to give it a super sleek look. Newer color option range from classic Carolina blue to teal and pink. Whatever color option you are looking for chances are 6KU has an option you will dig.

Quality is seen throughout the frame with its super lightweight but still smooth riding construction. The problem that most people have with cheap fixie bikes is that they are so lightweight that they do not ride smooth on anything but a track. While the 6KU fixie bike looks like it belongs right alongside high end track bikes it still rides smooth on the average road. Anything too bumpy might lead to an uncomfortable ride but that is to be expected with any fixie in this price range.

Whether you are looking to use this for riding around for fun or as a commuter we recommend the 6KU fixie as one of the top, if not the best options in this price range. This lightweight fixie is also great for travelling. It would be a breeze to lift onto a bike rack.

The quality construction of the 6KU fixed gear bike is a result of their in house manufacturing. All bikes are stress tested before they leave the factory unlike many cheap fixie bikes. They back up their manufacturing process with a solid warranty. In fact, 6KU fixed gear bikes come with a lifetime warranty! You wont find that with many other fixie bike companies.