Are fixies just a fad?

Fixie bikes have certainly spiked in popularity across the world in recent years. Some maybe wondering why? Or how long will they remain popular? While we might be a little biased in our views obviously as we are fixie enthusiasts we will try to remain neutral in our analysis of the industry. Our overview will include the culture surrounding fixies, the actual companies that sell fixie bikes and a general overview of how we see the popularity fluctuating into the future.

The culture of fixie bikes has kind of grown out of the hipster movement with a need for a more true and minimalist biking experience in urban areas. Lets not get things twisted fixie bikes are not for everyone and for every person that loves them there are probably ten hardcore road bikers that have a certain level of hatred towards fixie riders. That being said the two forces rarely overlap and road bikers are slowly seeing that fixie bikes can even be used as training bikes for longer races. Hipsters like what is hip and right now fixies are hip. If that changes the main core of the market moves quickly as hipsters are very connected to media and what is hip.

Actual companies have sprung up over the past few years that specialize in selling just fixed geared bikes. They are super stylized more often than not and often made by the same overseas manufacturer. The thing that separates them more so than the build quality and look is their brand. Most fixie bikes are very similar so companies spend most of their time with marketing rather than research development like traditional biking companies. This has had a big impact with the growth of fixie bikes as companies are actively searching for new clients rather than upsell existing ones.

Overall we see fixie bikes maintaining their level of poularity for the extended future but do predict a slight drop off for companies that actually sell fixie bikes. Once someone has one they do not really need or even want a new one. It is kind of like a less technology driven iPAD. Once you have an iPAD you don’t really care about the new ones as the differences are limited and they look virtually the same.