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Fixie Cycles provides new and reviews for the latest developments with Fixie Bikes and Biking in general. We have various fixie bikes for sale and provide honest reviews of the fixie bikes that we are lucky enough to get to try. Our goal is to create a great community of fixed gear bike enthusiasts via our upcoming fixie bike forum.

We encourage our fixed gear bicycle riding friends to share their bike pictures with us via our various social media accounts. You may have the chance to be featured on our fixie bike blog photo of the day.

What is a Fixie or Fixed Gear Bike you ask?

Fixed gear bikes or Fixies are bikes that allow a true bike riding experience bikers might recall from their youth. There are no gears and riders are forced to keep pedalling as you can not idle or you will be braking. Many fixie bike riders prefer this as they do not have to worry about making the correct shift or missing shifts when riding.

Fixed geared bikes also require much less maintenance as there are much less moving parts. A such they tend to cost considerably less that their road bikes or even commuter hybrid bike counterparts.