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How to Ride a Fixie Bike Downhill

If you have recently bought a fixie bike, you must be very happy with your decision. It has made it possible for you to commute from one place to another with ease. However, fixed gears bikes are different from those free wheel bikes everybody is accustomed to. It is necessary that whether you are going downhill or around corners you learn certain techniques that will help you ride a fixed gear bike easily.

Starting your journey with fixie bike

The main thing of dealing with fixie is controlling the speed especially when you are going downhill. This is because when you are travelling downhill the bike will gain speed all by itself and hence it is necessary that you know how you can control the speed and still go downhill without any problem.

Thus, while you start your journey with a fixie just know how to brake so that you can control your fixie without any accidents or crashes. There is different way to ride your fixie while going downhill than a regular bike.

Any fixers will suggest that you should divide the hills in two ways, the first one being obstructed hills where you may be obstructed by traffics, stop signs, or any other obstacle like sand, oil, or pot holes.

Obstructed hills

While going through the obstructed hills it is necessary to control the roll. Different methods for that are:

  • Slaloming is a technique that is practiced mainly by roller bladders or skiers. While carving through the turns it is necessary to concentrate on the front wheel. It is quite an easy method that will actually help you slow down. Even if you are tired you will find it convenient. However, it should be done only when there is enough free space.
  • Another braking technique on a fixie is backpedaling. While descending you can control the forward motion of the bike. It helps you slow down the speed if you starting going too fast. Even if there are any obstructions you will be able to control them. When you approach a stop sign you can try this to learn how to reduce your speed.

Unobstructed hills

Rarely will you find any unobstructed hill. However if you still get the opportunity to ride at one, know what your top RPM is and of course that you can handle the slope. It’s very important to always being on the lookout for any potential obstacles while you are travelling in an unobstructed hill to avoid accidents.