budget friendly fixie fixed gear bikes

Our 3 favorite budget friendly fixies

Fixie bikes might seem like they should all be around the same price as most of them are very similar in terms of features. That is kind of the point right? Minimal parts and a pure riding experience have been the main call for bicycle enthusiasts and users who want a great bike that is easy to maintain. So with that being said… Fixie bikes vary in price greatly. Some for design aesthetics and others for more premium components. Whichever you are looking for here are our top 5 fixie bikes in the lower price ranges.

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike – Check it Here

Vilano is based just North of us here in St. Augustine, Florida. While Florida might not be the most biker friendly place in the country they sure do churn out some great bikes. Vilano is known for making bikes that you can make your own. You can remove all of their branding as their logos are not permanently attached to the bike. A great option for campus bikes as it won’t look as flashy to those looking to “borrow” your bike.

Best features:
Various Colors
Great Pricing

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear – Check it Here

Overview: Critical Cycles have always offered premium handmade fixed gear prices at some of the lowest prices on the market. Their classic styling is perfect for the low frills fixie culture. No crazy chrome or anything and they claim all bikes are handmade!

Best features:
Protek Cranks
BMX Handlebar option

State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike – Check it Here

Overview: State Bicycle has always been a more premium offering in the fixie arena. Often their bikes go for considerably more than the budget minded fixie user cares to pay. This State Bicycle fixie offers premium components and your choice of 5 different handlebar styles to match your riding or style preference. While the price is still more than most others on the list it deserves a spot on any wishlist.

Best features:
4103 Chromoly
700C Aluminum track wheels
Multiple handlebar options
Various Colors