Zefal HPX Frame-Fit Pump

Unique HPX handle spring locking system
High pressure- up to 11 bar or 160 psi

The grizzled veterans that also rip the legs off youngsters at the local Saturday morning world championships could have moved directly to the recent and greatest carbon bikes, but it is almost certainly that their super-light rigs still sport a vestige of uber-pro self-sufficiency within the frame pump. And one of the vital all-time great inflators will also be yours within the Zefal HPX Frame-Have compatibility Pump. It sports a rock-solid aluminum construction, can pump tires as much as a ludicrous 174 psi, fits so much frames like a glove by means of spring locking system and 4 sizes, and has a definite heft and gravitas in hand that inspires confidence within the tire inflation process. Plus, let’s have a look at you fend off feisty dogs or other amped-up mammals with that tiny CO2 system you have got for your pocket. They are in reality worth their weight in gold out at the road and are built to last. The classic frame-Have compatibility pump is back! All-aluminum construction with textured hand grips Presta and Schrader compatible head Aluminum thumblock ensures a good seal right through inflation “HP” and “X” modes provide solid pumping in addition to compression for the suitable frame Have compatibility Awesome high pressure capability of 174 psi 4 sizes with spring locking system be sure that a comfortable Have compatibility on just about any frame size
Unique HPX take care of spring locking system
High pressure- as much as 11 bar or 160 psi