Retrospec Bicycles CityLite Interlocking Automatic On/Off Super Bright Urban Light

Interlocking SuperBright L.E.D. Front and Rear Set
220′ Light diffusion can be seen from sides
Consistent light intensity for longer run times

Retrospec Bicycles CityLite

Amazing functionality and brilliant design make CityLite the most efficient commuter bike light to be had for midnight city cyclists.

The two lights interlock into one compact unit
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White Headlight and Red Taillight

º Two lights in one, mechanically turn off and on º Compact: pocket-sized º Longer battery life º Flashing safety feature º Elegant interlocking design º

How to Use

1. Simply slide The 2 lights away from every other. The 2 lights will mechanically activate when the unit is separated. ∞ 2. To modify the setting of every light, press the gummy black button at the bottom of every light. Make a choice from a constant light, a flashing light, or completely off. ∞ 3. Slide the white light onto the handlebar of your bike and the red light onto the seatpost of your bike facing the rear. ∞ 4. Whilst you’ve arrived at your destination, put off every light by sliding them off of your bike and reconnect the unit. The lights will shut off mechanically when they’re rejoined. ∞ 5. Put on your pocket and rest with ease knowing your light is probably not stolen tonight.


CityLite comes with two lights, one white and one red, to be placed at the back and front of the bike, respectively. Although impressively compact, these lights keep bicyclists secure with the 220° light angle. This option allows cyclists to be visible from even the side. The twin setting feature also allows the rider to choose from a constant light or flashing light setting. And with CityLite, gone are the times of stolen bike lights. Take your light unit wherever you go with ease and comfort and prevent it from being snatched.


The idea for this innovative bike light was once conceived in Copenhagen in 1993, but its current shape and size was once proposed in 2005 and manufactured beginning in October 2011. The project has brought together a bevy of creative international minds, hailing from countries including Denmark, Belgium, China, Holland, and the United Kingdom. CityLite has since collaborated with Retrospec Bicycles to bring you a specially branded version of this pocket-sized safety accessory.

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This little light has received accolades from all over the world —- Bronze A’ Design Award Winner in Digital and Electronic Devices Design Category, 2012 – 2013. —- reddot design award winner 2012 —- Product Design Award 2012 —- Design-Technology Award Materialica 2012

  • Two individual lights (white headlight and red taillight) that fit into every other to form one small unit
  • Light units easily slip off and on bike
  • Compact storage
  • Powered by two lithium coin cells connected in parallel, doubling batteries’ life span
  • Dimensions: 65.3x26x34mm
  • Light Housing: Plastic; Lenses: Plastic; PC Button: Plastic injection molded SEBS; Electronics: PCBA
  • No tools required

Interlocking SuperBright L.E.D. Front and Rear Set
220′ Light diffusion will also be seen from sides
Consistent light intensity for longer run times
Quick mounting options with none tools, easy to take away from bike when not riding
Interlocking design makes for convenient storage and transport