Dual Power Eyewear SL2 Reading Glasses Outdoor Sports Everyday Life Strength.

Brand-new authentic merchandise.
Sport sunglasses with built in spot magnifiers.
Authorized dealer-warranty is valid.

Twin Power Eyewear SL2 Professional Bifocal Sun shades.

Inspired through our hobby for the active out of doors lifestyles.

Dual is an uncompromising line of eyewear designed to improve your outdoors revel in.

Our sports orientated power Sun shades complement your active way of life through making improvements to your imaginative and prescient of onerous-to-read products such as cycle computers and cell phone phones by means of a discreet magnification space molded into the decrease element of the lenses.

Dual eyewear gives the functionality you demand and the aesthetics you crave. Technology wrapped in impossible to resist styling…

Dual. Buy them for sports – Use them for on a regular basis lifestyles!.
Emblem-new original products.
Sport Sun shades with in-built spot magnifiers.
Licensed broker-guaranty is valid.