Topeak MTX Rear Bicycle Basket

Used by both professional and amateur riders alike
Made using high quality materials and components
Tested to ensure quality and durability

At Topeak, exciting new concepts for accessories are spinning at full speed and driving us beforehand in a never ending cycle of innovation. From the dreams of our designers and engineers nice cycling accessories are born – spun out from the ever turning gears in their collective imagination. From our humble starting in 1991 our passion for cycling has evolved into the making of the worlds finest cycling accessories. In virtually each and every class, our Merchandise set the usual of innovation, performance and sturdiness. Merchandise like our JoeBlow series ground pumps, Alien equipment and RaceRocket mini pumps to our patented technologies like SmartHead, TwinHead, PressureRite, QuickTrack and QuickClick systems to the entire service PrepStation and PanoBike App Topeak delivers the ease and delight your cycling consumers deserve. Merchandise.
Utilized by each skilled and amateur riders alike
Made the use of top quality fabrics and parts
Tested to verify high quality and sturdiness
1600 g / 3.53 lbs
Welded Metal Twine
23.44 l / 1430 ci Capability
Lift Take care of
Attaches to basket with MTX System (Fixer 6)