Continental Rim Cement – Tubular Glue

Material: Schlauchreifenkitt
Recommended Use: cycling

Within the tubular tire-rim interface, the difficult surface to work with is the rim. Base tape, which is with reference to at all times a woven strip of cotton cloth, is simple. Glue seeps between the threads, stays there, and dries. The rim is any other story. The glue has to bond to the rim by some means, but no longer permanently. Conventional knowledge is that conventional tubular glue takes somewhat more care in prep when mounting tubulars to carbon rims. Enter the Continental Carbon-Specific tubular glue. It’s formulated in particular to be used on carbon. Unfortunately, they may not let us know the science in the back of what makes it carbon-specific. All they are saying is their carbon-rim glue is optimized for carbon. Conti’s usual glue is optimized for aluminum. The entire same, Continental says either will work on either rim, just the particular glues work better with their intended rims. Additionally they let us know that with regards to texture, viscosity, curing time, and so on, the 2 glues are about the similar. A single 25g tube of Continental Carbon Rim glue must be enough to do one tire to 1 wheel, with possibly somewhat left over.
Subject matter: Schlauchreifenkitt
Really helpful Use: cycling