Geax Pit Stop Tire Repair Kit

Material: natural latex
Fast acting: 30 – 40 seconds
Remains liquid for 3+ months

Upkeep and inflates a 26×2.0 tire (26×2.7 Magnum) from 0 to 2.0 bar in simply 30-forty seconds. Comprises 50 ml (seventy five ml Magnum) of herbal latex (to keep away from destructive the butyl internal tube or tubeless membrane). New, modern head to conform straight away to any roughly valve, with out air leaks. Light-weight, sensible, disposable cartridge. The froth Is still liquid within the tire for 3 months (extra if the environmental prerequisites are excellent).
Subject material: herbal latex
Speedy performing: 30 – 40 seconds
Is still liquid for three+ months