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AeroFix Mellow 54cm Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

Deep Dish 50mm Pink Wheels
Rear “flip flop” hub
High quality light weight frame

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AeroFix Mellow: Mint Inexperienced Body With Vivid Crimson Deep Dish Wheels The AeroFix Mellow has a Mint Inexperienced Body with 50mm Deep Dish Vivid Crimson Wheels. The Mellow Fixie Motorcycle includes a “Turn – Flop” hub which permits the rider to journey with mounted tools or unmarried pace. Complete specs underneath. All our Fixie Motorcycles send ninety% assembled in a obviously marked “AeroFix Cycles” brown field.
Deep Dish 50mm Crimson Wheels
Rear “Turn flop” hub
Prime quality mild weight Body