Cold Steel Self Defense with the Sjambok DVD

Gripping methods
Fighting stances
One and two handed striking methods

Along with its use as a cattle prod, whip, and a method of self coverage, the African Sjambok is often referred to as an impressive snake killer. Its considerable succeed in, lightning speed and devastating have an effect on make kid’s play of dispatching one of the most greatest snakes. And you’ll be able to believe how devastatingly efficient it’s on two legged predators as neatly. A gentle blow can elevate a major welt at the same time as a heavy stroke can minimize thru thick apparel as efficiently as a razor, leaving a fearsome but non-lethal wound.
Gripping strategies
Combating stances
One and two passed placing strategies
Pommel strikesPushing, pulling, and hooking
Encircling, trapping, tripping, and uprooting
coaching apparatus
Combating stances and strategies