Eastern Bikes BMX Eastern Grim Reaper Frame, Black, 20.5″

Very light at 4.75 lbs
Helix down tube, top tube & chain stays: ribs inside the tubing help prevent denting and yield a higher strength-to-weight ratio
Classic EB cut-out in the head tube and reinforced cutouts in seat tube 

The Grim Reaper X is bonded in conjunction with the E3 Welding Procedure and lines Helix down tube, best tube & chain stays. The Vintage EB cutouts supply it the similar taste because the OG Grim, however we now have souped it up slightly with up to date options just like the built-in chain tensioners within the CNC’d drop outs, a warmth-handled wide bottom bracket, and the smooth Spy Clamp.
Very gentle at 4.75 lbs
Helix down tube, best tube & chain stays: ribs within the tubing assist save you denting and yield a better potential-to-weight ratio
Vintage EB reduce-out within the head tube and bolstered cutouts in seat tube 
Offset butted and warmth-handled head tube
Spy clamp: built-in with body