Montague Paratrooper Express 20″ Gloss Blue 18 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

Openbox. Scratch on rear rack, never ridden, authentic merchandise.
For a valid warranty please have assembled at your local bike shop.
Bike is shipped in the Montague’s standard and very durable box.

Scratch on rear rack, never ridden

Authorized broker-Guaranty is valid.

Frame Custom drawn 7005 Series Aluminum with DirectConnect folding system
Openbox. Scratch on rear rack, never ridden, original products.
For a legitimate Guaranty please have assembled at your native Motorbike shop.
Motorbike is sent within the Montague’s usual and really sturdy box.
The Paratrooper is among the many folding mountain bikes that Montague gives. Its patented folding design was once advanced to permit airborne infantrymen to drop out of airplanes and helicopters, and into combat. The Paratrooper gives complex options with 18 speeds and entrance and rear mechanical disc brakes. Recognized for its sturdiness and cargo bearing capabilities, this folding Motorbike has additionally advanced a following with on a regular basis commuters and weekend warriors.
Licensed broker – Montague’s Guaranty of 1 year on portions and their backing on frame’s doubtlessly past that date, are valid. Contact them with any considerations as to Guaranty.