BAMF Grappler 29er Mountain Bike

BAMF Bad Ass 6061 Custom Aluminum 29” Frame
RockShox XC 28 29” Suspension Fork
Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes

BAMF stands for exactly what you think it does. Bikes are too personal to let some pretty Lexus-induced paint job speak for who you might be. If you happen to ride a bike, in point of fact ride a bike, you understand the cold burn in your face within the winter, the sound of hitting the ground and the tingle of a bloody knuckle. You don’t ride so you’ll put an ornament in your SUV or to get a frappuccino hoping to be seen…You hunt the ones types down at the trail and smirk as you rip past leaving them and their GPS and sunblock keychain thinking about what happened?The entire BAMF bikes are black (like the fellows at BAMF are going to fight over color pallets) and come with minimal decal (sticker packs don’t seem to be included). Bikes are a permanent fixture of their life they usually pour that passion into their work. From the name on my own, BAMF Grappler, you get the theory they don’t seem to be going to carry back.The BAMF Grappler is a BAMF Bad Ass 6061 aluminum 29er with an edge. The brand new upgraded BAMF Grappler took a highly regarded bike and made it an ever better value: The brand new Grappler features the RockShox CX 28 fork, SRAM X.5 front & rear derailleur, SRAM X.5 Trigger shifters – and the house run Hydraulic Disc brakes from Tekro. The Closeout Model within the dropdown features RockShox Dart 3 fork, SRAM X-4 Trigger Shifters, SRAM X.4 rear derailleur and mechanical disc brakes. BAMF spent over a year getting the geometry just right. A few of the ones bandwagon types with the massive head tubes (as much as 140mm???!!!) didn’t do their homework…they simply rushed out a 29” wheeled bike hoping to get your wallet open. You have to call them to let them know but they don’t have a customer service phone number…nice customer reinforce! The large wheels have gained popularity and for a good reason. Riders are accepting the truth that big wheels roll over rough terrain better…and faster! Rolling on a 29er makes you wonder why they weren’t popular sooner. They flat out haul at the trail.
BAMF Bad Ass 6061 Custom Aluminum 29” Frame
RockShox XC 28 29” Suspension Fork
Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
SRAM X.5 Rear Derailleurs and Shifters
Professional Assembly Required