ProdecoTech v4.0 Mariner 500 48V 500W 9 Speed 9Ah Li Ion Electric Bicycle, Electric Blue Metallic, 20-Inch/One Size

Folding Aluminum Frame
Rear FSG 48V 500W Motor
Continental Tires 20″X 1.75″

The superb folding Mariner 500 is in a position to fold on the Body, handlebars and pedals. The Mariner readily compacts to suit the smallest of trunks and garage spaces. Provided with a formidable 500W Rear Motor, a 51.2V/9Ah lithium ion battery and a variety of 20-35 miles according to fee, it’s going to get you the place you wish to have to move temporarily. With a best Pace of 20mph, the Mariner 500 is an ideal supplement to boats and RVs.
Folding Aluminum Body
Rear FSG 48V 500W Motor
Continental Tires 20″X 1.seventy five”
Pace 20mph; Distance according to hour 25-35 Miles
Twist Throttle Keep watch over