Wike Big Box Bike

7-speed Shimano Nexus transmission.
Coaster brake (for the rear hub) as well as a drum brake on the front wheel.
kick stand allows for added stability when loading and unloading from the front box.

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The Box Motorcycle is absolutely provided and built to last. The transmission is a 7-speed Shimano Nexus changer, the box seats are padded, and the protecting black frame has a wearing capability of 100lbs. Having the ability to hold such a lot weight, you’ve lots of room to slot in 100lbs of shipment, or two babies; the box has two built-in seat belts for additonal protection if transporting youngsters. With the box positioned within the entrance of the Motorcycle, it lets in for increased visibility and awareness. Further security features come with brakes at the rear and entrance wheels, reflectors, entrance and rear lighting fixtures, a bell, and a kick stand.
7-speed Shimano Nexus transmission.
Coaster brake (for the rear hub) in addition to a drum brake at the entrance wheel.
kick stand lets in for additonal stability while loading and unloading from the entrance box.
Adjustable handlebars for additonal comfort.
Additonal storage is to be had at the rear saddlebag rack, which additionally contains two bungee cords.


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