Expedition Recumbent Shorts

• No padding to get in the way of your saddle-free recumbent riding experience
High-quality, durable, flexible material
Ultra-soft 12-inch inseams

Yet any other example of giving our riders what they ask for. The all new Bend It Cycling Expedition recumbent shorts were born out of a lot of requests for a comfy, comfy pair of shorts built exclusively for recumbent riders. These shorts are built across the recumbent cyclist – from subject matter variety to pocket placement to ‘bent rider-specific features. These shorts are ideal for dressed in at the side of Bend It Cycling Pursuit or Elite performance shorts but they’ll come up with a surprisingly comfy ride with out them as Neatly. The shorts are constituted of a versatile and sturdy top-grade polyester blend. The back of the shorts feature reinforced panels for extreme durability and exceptional comfort at the same time as cruising to your ‘bent. The leg openings can also be fastened with regards to the leg with neatly-placed Velcro fasteners. Neatly located pockets with extra-strong zippers. Along with a majority of these features, the shorts look fabulous on or off the bike!
• No padding to get in the way in which of your saddle-free recumbent riding revel in
Top of the range, durable, flexible subject matter
Ultra-soft 12-inch inseams
• Leg openings with Velcro fasteners
• Recumbent-friendly pocket placement