I Heart Analogue Fixie Bike T-Shirt Fixed Gear Bicycle. Printed in USA. Charcoal. Large.

Hand silk screen printed
fixie bike print
lightweight 4.5 oz 100% cotton tee

Fixie or Fastened Tools motorcycles are bicycles that experience drivetrains with one Tools that may be Fastened to the rear wheel in order that you should proceed pedaling each time the motorcycle’s shifting. Fixies are a few of the so much easy of bicycles as a result of they do not require shifters, derailleurs, double- or triple-chainring cranksets, or, in lots of instances, even brakes. Hand screenprinted on a light-weight 4.5 ozone hundred% cotton tee.
Hand silk monitor published
fixie motorcycle print
light-weight 4.5 ozone hundred% cotton tee
Fastened Tools Bicycle
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