CycleOps Fluid 2 Winter Training Kit

Foldable: yes
Resistance: Fluid/Power Band
Material: alloy

We’ve got got to hand it to CycleOps for making the experience of training throughout the confines of our homes and gyms more than just tolerable. If truth be told, with the brand new Fluid 2 Winter Training Kit — complete with the Fluid 2 trainer, two mountaineering blocks, trainer mat, and sweat guard — you just might find yourself in truth enjoying your winter training program this year. First, this training kit includes the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer. What makes a fluid trainer different from a magnetic trainer is the resistance unit. Reasonably than being a tremendous magnet, the unit is encased in hydraulic fluid. Unlike a magnetic unit, where the resistance is external and variable, a fluid trainer depends on pedal speed to increase resistance. Subsequently, the harder you pedal the more resistance you experience. Additionally, CycleOps uses Power Band technology that makes the level of resistance also a function of gearing and cadence. This provides you with a range from 20 watts to 725 watts, with a single trainer. The Fluid 2 also has a cooling mechanism in order that regardless of what number of watts you produce, you will not see billows of smoke. The Fluid 2’s two-inch roller means you’ll be able to have a smoother ride with less tire wear. It includes a wide, stable base in order that you’ll be able to feel safe on any surface and asymmetrical leveling feet be sure you’ll be able to at all times be balanced. The rear wheel mounts easily and an easy cam-lever tightens the resistance unit across the skewer. You shouldn’t have to readjust your bike each and every time you put it at the trainer. Sprint, jump, and time trial without the worry that you’ll be able to pull the rear wheel out of the trainer. Additionally, CycleOps wrapped the trainer into a package that includes a few nice accessories for home use. This includes two mountaineering blocks, a guard to offer protection to your frame and components from sweat, in addition to a mat that helps to keep your trainer securely in place at the floor. The CycleOps Fluid 2 Winter Training Kit will accommodate tires from 26in to 29in with rear spacings of 120mm,…
Foldable: yes
Resistance: Fluid/Power Band
Material: alloy
Beneficial Use: indoor training
Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime