Fixie Bike Flip Flop Hub Bicycle Fixed Wheels Rims Tire 700c X 25c Neon Green

Brand New in Box
Size: 45MM (2″)DEEP RIMS
TIRES:700 X 25C


Emblem New Set of Fixie Wheels and Tires Tube Wheelsets fit with any frames that experience suitable entrance and rear hub axle dimensions. Rims are 45mm V-Deep for the additional blank and swish glance. All elements such as cogs, freewheel, and lock ring are included for trouble-free installation and simple turn-flop transfer. Black tires and tubes are included and put in for more straightforward installation in your motorbike. Simply pump up the tires, fix them on and you are prepared to ride. Our wheelsets have the potential of switching between fastened tools mode or freewheel mode. This design is made for single speed bikes and is simple to take care of.
Emblem New in Box
Size: 45MM (2″)DEEP RIMS
TIRES:700 X 25C
Neon Inexperienced, Wide 40mm V-Deep Rims, double-walled aluminum
Contains nylon rim-strips to give protection to in opposition to sharp edges and save you tube puncture (put in)