Copilot Taxi Child Bike Carrier

Thick comfortable padding
Quick release grab bar and three point harness
Enclosed foot wells with spoke guard

The Taxi Kid motorbike carrier provides a protected and handy solution to raise your child on a motorbike. It comes with plush cleanable seat padding and rugged building promised to stay Moms, Dads and youngsters on he road for so long as they agree. The Taxi additionally features a sturdy, light-weight tubular aluminum Blackburn EX 1 rack that does not weigh your motorbike down and a protected, Fast unencumber mounting gadget that makes it simple to swap the seat from motorbike to motorbike with an extra EX 1 rack.
Thick comfy padding
Fast unencumber take hold of bar and 3 aspect harness
Enclosed foot wells with spoke protect
Fast unencumber seat mounting gadget
Comprises EX 1 rack