OUO Professional Fixed-Gear Crank Single-Speed Road Bicycle 46T White and Gold Forged Crankset

100% brand new high quality
Three-piece crankset
Fixed-Gear, Single-Speed, Fixie bike forged crankset

High Quality:

OUO product is built with lifetime-use quality, which is what we have now been surviving on.

As an organization specializing in bicycle Parts & Components production, we all know really well how essential a cycling fan might be for the standard of bicycle parts.

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Customers’ one hundred% satisfaction is at all times our goal.

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OUO Philosophy:

All we would like is to supply satisfying product and happy shopping enjoy to our lovely customers.

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Customers can go back without condition once you are feeling unsatisfied with our products or shop unhappily in our store.

At OUO we take full ownership and responsibility for the standard of our products.
one hundred% up to date top of the range
Three-piece crankset
Fixed-Gear, Single-Speed, Fixie bike forged crankset
All New Crank Arm Design is far stronger for faster and more aggressive riding
Fits on road, mountain, fixed geared fixies, BMX, track and single speed bikes