Retrospec Bicycles Low Profile BMX/Freestyle Style Multi-Use Bike Pedal

BMX, Freestyle, FGFS style pedals are useful for all types of riding including fixed-gear, commuter, mountain, etc.
Built-in reflectors
One piece high grade PP body available in 8 colors

Driving proper? Driving left? Driving forwards and Driving backwards? Now we have were given the pedal for you. Retrospec Bicycles’ Low Profile BMX FG/FS Pedals are designed to reinforce your Driving enjoy and your icepicks and toothpicks and pedal grinds and BB slides. The elongated parallelogram body offers you more surface space to push down towards together with your foot whilst the ridges hang onto your feet. Our Low Profile pedals are to be had in eight rad colours and feature Integrated reflectors so you are kept secure. The polypropylene plastic body and boron metal axle are further sturdy and designed to resist unruly Driving.
BMX, Freestyle, FGFS taste pedals are helpful for every type of Driving together with mounted-equipment, commuter, mountain, and so forth.
Integrated reflectors
One piece top grade PP body to be had in 8 colours
305 grams weight