Focus Raven 27.5″ Black/Yellow Large Frame

FOCUS has taken their proven carbon-frame technology into the 27.5 wheel frame market with the Raven 27R. That is the very best compromise between the agility of a smaller 26 platform and the relief and performance of a 29er. Shlomy Haimy, Israel National Mountain Biking Champion and one of the crucial best performers at the World Cup circuit, rocks the Raven 27r to a lot of victories. 27.5″WHEELSIZE For a nimble yet performance driven comfort. Advantages of a 27.5″ wheel size: The effort and time had to accelerate a wheel pertains to its diameter. A 26″ wheel has the least rotating mass so is quickest to accelerate. The 29″ wheel enjoys the least rolling resistance once underway. A 27.5″ wheel is a compromise of the 2. A big diameter wheel offers improved rollover on uneven surfaces. Its greater radius permits it to drift over closely spaced bumps, keeping up momentum and cornering speed. A 27.5″ wheel is a well-liked compromise because it best weighs reasonably more than a 26″ wheel of the similar construction and tire type. The burden increase for a 29″ over a 27.5″ wheel is around the similar as from the small to the mid-size wheel. TAPERED HEADTUBE A tapered headtube is a ways supreme in handling, particularly when cornering and high speeds and stiffness over a traditional non-tapered headtube. The Raven 27.5 uses a 1 1/8″ same old for the highest and the 1.5″ same old for the ground. CHAIN STAY PROTECTION COVER Protection against chain suck. Lead to damage from chain suck sucks. The Chain Stay Protection Cover very good protection against the in poor health effect of chain suck, damage to carbon frames. Also, if the chain drops, chain stays sustain no paint damage. INTERNAL CABLE AND LINE ROUTING Internal cables and lines provide protection against the weather in addition to taking a look clean and beautiful. Internally routing cables and lines protects them against the weather, extending their life.