Rare Iron Horse SGS-DH-Team / World Cup Suspension Frame Rear Lower Swingarm NEW

IRON HORSE REAR LOWER FRAME TRIANGLE / SWINGARM RARE! / NEW / SHIPS IN 24HRS New old stock that is been in our warehouse for a very long time from our buyout of Iron Horse inventory. These are new replacement rear triangles. Possibly you may have an older broken one, who is aware of? That is your simplest likelihood to procure a brand new one. SPECIFICATIONS: Manufacturer: Iron Horse Swingarm / rear triangle simplest Subject material: Aluminum Brake compatibillity: Disc simplest, mechanical or hydraulic. I.S. Mount Compatible simplest with explicit generations of models listed within the title Rear triangles are at all times the similar size, so if replacing this with a rear triangle from a unique size, it will work.  Axle kind: 12mm thru. The width is slightly atypical, 165mm Condition: New. This frame is supposed for somebody who already has your complete motorcycle, and simply needs to swap out the lower rear triangle. We had ten in a box, and the box stated “SGS-DH-Team / International Cup” Note: Buyer is in the long run accountable for compatibility with their frame.