Merckx EXM Road Bike Frameset

Frame Material: T700 Tenax fibers, UTS Tenax fibers, K210 Aramid, T300 Tenax carbon fiber
Fork: Eddy Merckx by Easton
Fork Material: carbon fiber

The name displayed at the downtube of the EXM Road Bike Frame – 2008 represents a cycling legend with more than 500 victories to his name, 54 of that have been claimed in a single season. It is secure to mention that with these credentials, Mr. Merckx and his team of engineers know a couple of things about what it takes to make a fast, reliable, and lightweight road machine. The EXM represents just that, as it was once designed to be a race-in a position, do-anything frameset. The EXM was once handmade the use of a purpose-specific blend of carbon and laminate fibers. Essentially, the technique involves layering the carbon fiber sheets together in ways in which maximize the strength and rigidity of the frame. This layup is combined with Merckx’s structural reinforcement technology, which places T700 Tenax and UTS Tenax fibers in strategic areas for added stiffness. These fibers are used along with high-strength fibers at these force-load-heavy zones, such as the ground bracket and head tube junctions. By the use of these techniques together, Merckx engineers were in a position so as to add Subject material where It is needed for increased rigidity, whilst taking away Subject material at less flex-prone areas, thus keeping the entire weight as little as conceivable. Merckx balanced these rigid junctions all through the frame the use of K210 aramid fibers, which offer a bit of of dampening. The EXM was once then finished off with a most sensible layer of a T300 Tenax for a smooth overall aesthetic. These are the similar methods used for all of Merckx’s most sensible-end carbon road frames, as they yield definitely the right combination of stiffness, low weight, and vertical compliance. With a quite relaxed geometry, the EXM provides a comfortable ride, yet still possesses race-tuned characteristics vital for competitive road racing. Except the frame’s optimized layup schedule, the Easton fork has also been designed to deliver maximum stability and speed. The blades flare out toward the 1-1/8in steerer, which goes to both cut wind drag and provide precise handling up front…
Frame Subject material: T700 Tenax fibers, UTS Tenax fibers, K210 Aramid, T300 Tenax carbon fiber
Fork: Eddy Merckx by Easton
Fork Subject material: carbon fiber
Head Tube Diameter: 1-1/8in
Headset Included: no