Saris Protect-O Pads Set of 4

Comes in sets of 4
Made in the USA
Provides padding between bikes while on racks

Saris biking crew strains its origins back to 1973, while the graber brothers invented their first motorcycle rack. The grabers bought the motorcycle rack corporate in 1989 to Chris and sara fortune, who created the saris logo in 1992, and adopted it up with cycleops in 1999 and powertap in 2001. As a relentless innovator, the madison, wisconsin-based totally corporate presented the primary powertap-supplied indoor cycle in 2004, making it imaginable for riders educate with precision. Boasting an organization of devoted product managers, inventive engineers, inventive designers, and hardworking EMPLOYEES, saris biking crew assists in keeping its consumers at the innovative of motorcycle design.
Is available in sets of 4
Made in america
Supplies padding between motorcycles whilst on racks