KLICKfix Rixen & Kaul Handlebar Adapter (multi clamps) Ø22-26 mm & Ø31.8mm

Manufacturer – Rixen & Kaul, Germany
Clamp size – for use with Ø22-26 mm handlebar + oversized Ø31.8mm clamps
Maximum load – 7kg, Material – Glass fiber reinforced polyamide, Weight 90g

There are a couple of versions of KLICKfix adapters (handlebar mounts) to be had that will permit the usage of the elemental adapter head on seatpost, stem or head tube.

From bags to baskets to map holders-these types of accessories are easily “clicked” onto the handlebar adapter and just as easily got rid of by a easy press of the red button. Way to the patented security cable, the adapter does now not lean downward even if wearing a heavy load. Extremely powerful body product of glass fiber strengthened polyamide.

The handlebar adapter supports the best vary of accessories throughout the bicycle market. It’s compatible now not handiest with older accessories, but in addition with any accessories made by different manufacturers that use KLICKfix system.

Includes two pairs of clamps (Ø22-26 mm and outsized Ø31.8mm)
Manufacturer – Rixen & Kaul, Germany
Clamp size – to be used with Ø22-26 mm handlebar + outsized Ø31.8mm clamps
Maximum load – 7kg, Subject material – Glass fiber strengthened polyamide, Weight 90g
Very best Fast Unencumber system, Extremely powerful body, Supports the best vary of accessorie
Holds quite heavy load