Lezyne Chain Drive – Chain Breaker Tool

A chain breaker is a type of tools that you simply more or less take as a right. You’ll get away with an attachment on a multi-tool, but once you’ve got used an actual, shop-quality chain breaker you will not wish to return. A well-designed, relaxed chain tool just like the Lezyne Chain Drive can make the entire difference between a smooth, well-executed adjustment and a drawn-out frustrating mess. In any case, the ones multi-tool attachments were made for use right through your ride as a final-ditch, ride-or-walk quick fix. Precise adjustments will have to be left to a store-quality instrument.The Lezyne Chain Drive Tool is hard. The cast steel body is CNC-machined to tight tolerances for accuracy. The body is contoured to feel relaxed on your hands. Lezyne even integrated two Mavic splined and two square spoke wrenches into the body for slightly extra versatility. The breaker pin may also be replaced within the not likely event of a break, and Lezyne even had the foresight to incorporate a spare just in case.The Lezyne Chain Drive Tool is compatible with nine or ten speed chains and can be utilized for adjustment of wheels equipped with Mavic splined or same old square spoke nipples.

Product Features

  • Material: steel
  • Compatibility:
  • Other Tools:
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Recommended Use:
  • Manufacturer Warranty: