Nashbar Premium Tool Kit

Hey there, Mr. Fix It! Seems like you want a few new tools. Do not fret, the Nashbar Premium Tool Kit will be sure that you all the time have the precise tool for the job. We took a have a look at our old kit, which was once pretty baller if we do say so ourselves, that thought “how are we able to make this better?” We traded out the old spanners, and put in a few new ones that assist you to change out different tool heads onto a single, sturdy take care of. We also took out the P-take care of hex keys, since they do not all the time are compatible into the nooks and crannies of your bike so well, and replaced them with prime quality usual ones. We changed out a complete bunch of different stuff too, so you may have more tools at your disposal whilst you get the hankering to tinker. 2 all-new spanners have removable heads that assist you to switch out between a pedal wrench, chain whip, track lock ring tool, crank puller and a Shimano lock ring tool All new usual hex wrench set is made from prime quality steel Big, beefy 8mm and 10mm hex wrenches come up with a variety of leverage for crankset installations 8-,9-,10-speed chain tool is precise and sturdy 3 steel core tire levers make doing away with stiff beaded clincher tires a cinch Top capacity tool box has a variety of room for storing small parts, in addition to keep your whole other cycling tools Also includes: Phillips head screw driving force, triple hex wrench with 4mm, 5mm and 6mm bits, 3-approach torx wrench with T40, T25 and T30, flat head screw driving force, heavy duty needle nosed pliers, 30/32mm cone wrench, 18mm cone wrench, 19mm cone wrench, 13/14mm wrench15/16mm cone wrench, 13/15mm cone wrench, 9/10mm hex bolt wrench, 3 spoke wrenches, chain wear checker, cable cutter, measuring tape