Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer

The Race of the Falling Leaves traditionally signals the tip of the season. And as we watch the leaves fall around us, we’re reminded that it would possibly not be long before we will look to a stationary trainer to assist us stay in shape for next season. The Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer is an ideal tool for indoor training on account of its six-position adjustable magnetic resistance. For this trainer, Blackburn uses magnets to provides you with the resistance. Easy days are no problem; simply ratchet the resistance down to level 1 and spin along in a very simple gear. Searching for more workout than that? Click as much as level 6 and torture yourself in a high gear. The included handlebar-mounted remote lever makes it convenient to change from one resistance level to the following, while you ride. The Tech Mag 6 Trainer has a couple of details that in reality stand out for us. The swing-out legs are actually adjustable, like overbuilt versions of the leg adjusters to your nice camera tripod. So even supposing you set it up on an uneven sidewalk at the local criterium, you’ll be able to level the instructor and your bike in a matter of seconds. The interface with the rear skewer could also be improved over other trainers. Blackburn machines a taper on their cones so they’re going to fit more easily into cavity-style dropouts, ensuring a fantastic purchase at the ends of the skewer assembly. The Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer is made of tubular steel, and that’s the reason the important thing difference between it and the lighter Tech Mag Race Trainer. The steel frame here is plenty stiff, and it is super strong to last for season after season of abuse. Like their other models, it uses the FastCrank system for quick out and in with the bike. It really works for road and mountain bikes.