CycleOps realRides Ride 101 Indoor Trainer DVD

We fondly recall participating in a minimum of one Bike Rodeo back in the day, not as instructors, but as kids. And even if it is been a very long time, we still take into account that one of the most basic skills we were taught. The folks at CycleOps also value proper instruction. That is why they offer the Real Rides “Ride 101” Trainer DVD as a part of the Real Rides instructional series. “Ride 101” offers up some good advice on some basic, but necessary elements of road cycling. The topics range from basic handling skills to safety on the road, on my own or in groups, and even general roadside bike maintenance. Each the sort of things is something that everyone appreciates knowing, even more so when their ride partners are knowledgeable. And though it covers numerous ground, the “Ride 101” Trainer DVD is still a training tool. And by training, we mean that it offers an 8-week program to guide you towards some cycling specific fitness. So in case you are new to road cycling, don’t think for a second that no matter what it used to be that made you sweat before you were given your bike is going that will help you on the Tuesday Night World Championships. What makes you fast on a bike is a plan and a number of saddle time, and your host, Robbie Ventura, need to permit you to get began going fast.There are portions of the Real Rides “Ride 101” Trainer DVD that feature on-bike video so you are feeling like you’re in the thick of the action. These sections have a dashboard that shows you Robbie’s personal data as you ride in conjunction with him. You’ll be able to see his power in watts, intensity, heart rate, pedal cadence, speed, and elapsed time as you ride along for your trainer. That said, to get the most from the information in the Trainer DVD, we recommend that you train with power, whether the usage of a powermeter for your bike or trainers that measure power such as the CycleOps Powerbeam or Pro Indoor Cycle. You’ll be able to create custom training sessions and ride to the DVD soundtrack or toggle it off and listen on your own music as you train.