Tri All 3 Sports Velo Safe Pro Series ISP

Material: [shell] polyethelene, [interior support] aluminum
Dimensions: [interior] 47 x 13 x 32 in, [exterior] 51 x 16 x 38 in
Closure: latches

For the reason that good old days of flying along with your bike never existed, we pine for the possibility that such days may exist one day, a day so good, we will take our bike unwrapped to the plane and the baggage handlers will care for it without a extra fees. Until then, we’re the usage of hard cases; if the bike has an integrated seat mast, we will most certainly be taking the Tri All 3 Sports Velo Protected Pro Series ISP. ISP isn’t Web Service Provider; it’s Integrated Seat Post. The case is taller and narrower than Tri All 3’s regular Velo Protected. It still fits throughout the airlines “oversized” regulation of 160 total inches (that may be adding length, width, and height together), but is tall enough that you’ve 32in between the furthest edge of the big chain ring to the top of the mast. In many cases, you’ll be able to even have the ability to leave your saddle in place. The exterior dimensions are 51 inches long by 16 inches wide by 38 inches high (51 L x16 W x 38 H). Those dimensions include the two-inch casters that the case rolls on. The inside dimensions are 47 inches long by 13 inches wide by 32 inches high (47 L x 13 W x 32 H). With these dimensions, the standard bike owner will take off the wheels and protected the fork and chainstays to the base with a mount for the fork, Velcro straps for the stays, and a foam block for the bottom bracket. This can be a good idea to buy bubble wrap or foam rubber pipe insulation and use this to offer protection to the frame tubes. Then, they’re going to do away with the bars, and use a strap to protected the bars to the top tube or down tube. Next, the wheels will probably be secured to either side of the frame. Pedals can also be left on. Depending at the total height of the saddle and clamp on top of the mast, the saddle may be able to stay in place as well.
Material: [shell] polyethelene, [interior support] aluminum
Dimensions: [interior] 47 x 13 x 32 in, [exterior] 51 x 16 x 38 in
Closure: latches
Padding: yes, foam
Claimed Weight: 17690 g