Copilot Limo Child Bike Carrier $30 Flat Rate GROUND ONLY Shipping.

Reclining backrest
Fold-down grab bar is extra security to keep th kid in place.
Three point harness makes for a snug and safe ride

The LIMO Kid motorcycle carrier gives a protected and handy option to raise your child on a motorbike. It comes with the relief of a reclining back so while your child is able to snooze he aint digging a chin print into his chest. The Limo additionally features a sturdy, light-weight tubular aluminum Blackburn EX 1 rack that does not weigh your motorcycle down and a protected, fast free up mounting machine that makes it simple to swap the seat from motorcycle to motorcycle with an extra EX 1 rack.Comes with EX 1 Disc rack.
Reclining backrest
Fold-down take hold of bar is further safety to stay th child in place.
Three point harness makes for a cosy and protected experience
Adjustable foot wells alllows you to as your Kid will get longer
fast free up seat mount