POC Trabec Helmet Uranium Black, M/L

Fit Adjustment: chin strap
Ventilation: 16 vents
Impact Foam: EPS polystyren

In case you’ve ever felt that helmet designers placed too much attention on creating models that were too light and too aero in your tastes, then believe the POC Trabec Helmet. It is designed for mountain bikers or any person who wants greater coverage over the ears and around the back of the head. The goal was once to increase safety without sacrificing comfort and performance. The Trabec fits more like a skateboard helmet. The fit may also be custom tailored, and since it offers more coverage, the possibility of movement when your head strikes the ground is lower than smaller helmets with less coverage. Eager about the way in which we wreck on trails, there’s a greater chance for various trajectory — forwards, sideways, even backwards. Whilst you get crazy, crazy things happen. POC builds the Trabec Helmet as a single layer system. It has a polycarbonate shell that acts as the first defense against Affect energy. Inside the foam core is an aramid net. Its purpose is to hold the foam together and withstand chunking under massive, high speed impacts (like rebar in concrete). It is designed as a multi-Affect system, so the helmet can continue to exist more than only a few connections with the terra firma. POC punches sixteen large vent holes in the shell, so you’ll be able to get a number of airflow on hot days. An adjustable visor also helps on those sunny days to offer protection to your eyes from glare and bright skies. A size adjustment system on the back permits you to snug it down for a super and wiggle free fit. The POC Trabec Helmet is Black/grey and is to be had in three sizes — X-Small/Small, Medium/Large, and X-Large/XX-Large. The pads inside are treated with Polygiene. It prevents bacterial growth, is eco-friendly, and is perfectly secure next on your skin. Because the bacteria can not gro…
Fit Adjustment: chin strap
Ventilation: 16 vents
Affect Foam: EPS polystyren
Shell Material: Aramid, polycarbonate
Advisable Use: mountain biking