Garmin Edge Bike Mount Bicycle Computer Mount Bike out-front Mount Set for Garmin Edge 1000/820/810/500/520/510/200 GPS

1. The garmin edge bike mount is easy to install, can be installed in 2 minutes
2. The garmin computer Great quality, We offer all life warranty
3. Bicycle computer mount doesn’t afraid of rain or long time shine 31.8mm bar clamp diameter

This out entrance motorcycle mount has agreat high quality, simple to put in your Garmin Part laptop for your bicycle handlebar in a minute.
Compatible with the next :
Garmin Part 20
Garmin Part 25
Garmin Part 500
Garmin Part 510
Garmin Part 520
Garmin Part 800
Garmin Part 810
Garmin Part 820
Garmin Part 1000
Garmin Part Traveling
1. The garmin Part motorcycle mount is simple to put in, will also be put in in 2 mins
2. The garmin laptop Nice high quality, We provide all lifestyles guaranty
3. Bicycle laptop mount does not scared of rain or very long time shine 31.8mm bar clamp diameter
4. Suitable with Garmin Part 200, 500, 520.800.820.1000
5. The bottom worth superb high quality and repair