Stan’s NoTubes 12×142 Conversion for ZTR/3.30/3.30Ti Rear Hub

Material: [axle and nuts] aluminum
Hub Type: Stan’s 3.30 or 3.30Ti rear disc hub
Recommended Use: 12 x 142mm axle conversion

We at all times need our bikes to accomplish the most efficient that they may be able to. Because of this the smallest main points and aspects of our bikes will inevitably receive upgrades, and of course, axles fall beneath this category. And in case you are an suggest of Stan’s No Tubes, you’ll be able to feel free to understand that it is introduced a 12×142 Conversion on your ZTR 3. 30 or 3. 30Ti Rear Hubs. Now, you’ll be able to send trails like your downhill opposite numbers whilst still keeping up your mountaineering talent. The Stan’s No Tubes 12×142 Conversion kit for ZTR 3. 30 and 3. 30Ti Rear Hubs comes with an axle and two finish caps. Please go to Stan’s No Tubes official web page for info on putting in your conversion axle.
Subject matter: [axle and nuts] aluminum
Hub Kind: Stan’s 3.30 or 3.30Ti rear disc hub
Advisable Use: 12 x 142mm axle conversion