Campagnolo CX11 Carbon Power Torque Crankset

The demands of cyclocross test the body and equipment. And like you’d do specific training to master the dismount, you’ll be able to likely want a couple of bits of specialized equipment on your bike. Campagnolo offers this CX11 Carbon Power Torque Crankset because ‘cross racing in most cases takes place on a race course that narrows the vital gear range. In simple terms, you’ll be able to want the tooth counts for your small and large chainrings to be closer together than what you’d generally run for your road bike. This fashion you are able to dial right into the easiest gear, even supposing the course changes all the way through the race.The CX11 Carbon Power Torque Crankset looks so much like their road cranks. In reality, it is a mirror image in their Athena Carbon crankset. In a similar fashion, the CX cranks rely at the Power Torque thru-axle system. This looks very similar to other thru-axle cranks, despite the fact that the design is in accordance with an evolution in their Ultra-Torque design. The spindle is permanently affixed to the best crankarm and runs during the bottom bracket shell clear through to the left side, where a bolt affixes the left crank to the splined stub that may be sticking out of the left bottom bracket cup. The design is simpler and thus more cost effective to fabricate, in turn saving you money. It does necessitate a Power Torque bottom bracket, where the non-drive cup has a bearing pressed in and the drive-side cup accepts the bearing that may be pressed onto the best crankarm.The rings for the CX cranks use Campagnolo’s CART (Cyclocross Advanced Racing Technology). They are hard anodized to resist the tortures of muddy and sandy courses. There are eight pins at the big ring to raise the chain for upshifting. The bottom bracket is what actually sets the CX Crankset apart. Campagnolo gives the bearings a special seal that employs a double lip design to keep mud and gunk at the outdoor and fresh grease at the inside.The Campagnolo CX11 Carbon Power Torque Crankset has uni-directional carbon fiber arms and Black anodized chainrings.