PowerTap G3 HED Belgium Wheelset

Rim Material: aluminum
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: clincher

Despite the fact that using aluminum box clinchers has in large part fallen out of favor within the peloton — even at the stones — those of us a number of the ranks of the self-sponsored still appreciate the sturdiness, the flexibility, and the price of rims like those at the PowerTap G3 HED Belgium Wheelset. Of course, we also imagine that our appreciation of HED’s nigh-indestructible C2 Belgium rims will not rule out the method to also measure power. The G3 hub anchoring the rear wheel’s equally durable DT Swiss spokes justifies that belief, providing the entire reliability of the classic C2 alloy rim platform with the accuracy of PowerTap’s industry-leading power meter technology. The G3 hub is, of course, the star of the show here — differently, you’d just be having a look at a pair of Ardennes or an unlaced Belgium rim — and rightfully so. With eight strain gauges and a claimed +/- 1. 5% accuracy rating, PowerTap’s G3 hub remains to be the industry standard against which new power meter models are measured. A large a part of that is its virtually universal compatibility with head units. Since it broadcasts its numbers with the ever present ANT+, likelihood is that good that your current head unit is already compatible with it, so there is no extra $three hundred tax to bring your cockpit consistent with your power meter. The Belgium rims feature the similar HED 23mm-wide C2 design as the Ardennes wheel line, which not only increases structural integrity, but it surely also allows the tire to seat with straighter side walls and a larger contact patch with the ground. These properties give a contribution to a lower rolling resistance, more protected grip even as cornering, a higher tire volume that requires less PSI and nets a more comfortable ride, and — counterintuitively — a smaller aerodynamic footprint by getting rid of the light bulb rim-to-tire transition.
Rim Material: aluminum
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: clincher
Rim Depth: 24 mm
Rim Width: [external] 23 mm, [internal] 17.8 mm