Quarq Elsa BB30

Arm Material: carbon fiberArm Length: 170 mm, 172.5 mm, 175 mmBottom Bracket: BB30BB Type: BB30BB Threading: Bolts: aluminumRings: 2Spindle: aluminumCompatible Components: SRAM front derailleursWeight: Recommended Use: road racingManufacturer Warranty: 2 yearsBolt Circle Diameter: 130, 110
Chainring Sizes: [standard] 53 / 39 T; [compact] 50 / 34 T

It might easily be argued that in case you are now not training with power, you might be simply now not training. At this point, the success of power-primarily based training and racing is irrefutable. And now that Quarq’s thrown the guideline book out the window with its new Elsa BB30, the aforementioned becomes more of a fact than an assertion. For Quarq’s ‘next wave of powermeters,’ we see a whole redesign over the Cinqo, with an emphasis put on three key issues — weight, accuracy, and ease of use. And starting with weight, the Elsa features SRAM’s Exogram Hollow Carbon crankarms found at the up to date iteration of SRAM RED. You’ll be able to also find SRAM’s RED Powerglide chainrings from one model back. But, as the name implies, the cranks feature a hollow construction. Alternatively, what is not inferred is that the hollow cross-section design extends the entire method to the brand new spider, creating SRAM’s stiffest and lightest crank ever. In reality, all the system tips the scales around 735 grams in a GXP format, leading us to consider that this BB30 iteration weighs even less. For some standpoint, the latest RED crankset weighs around 585 grams, and the last Quarq RED Exogram powermeter weighed 830 grams. So, the Elsa is sitting in a relatively respectable position. Elsa’s innovation did not stop at the crankarms. For a rigid crankarm attachment, the Elsa uses a newly designed, CNC-machined aluminum spider. Now, all the data-collecting electronics, and the system’s battery, is housed within the spider. Quarq is asking this OmniCal, but you’ll be able to call it liberating. OmniCal enables the powermeter system to gather data independent of the chainrings. So, you’ll be able to swap out rings for without affecting the accuracy of the system. And speaking of accuracy, the Elsa powermeter system operates at the powerful ANT+ wireless system with an expressed accuracy of +/- 1.5% — an accuracy improvement over the Cinqo Saturn’s +/- 2%.
Arm Subject material: carbon fiber
Arm Length: 170 mm, 172.5 mm, 175 mm
Bottom Bracket: BB30
BB Type: BB30
BB Threading:
Bolts: aluminum
Rings: 2
Spindle: aluminum
Compatible Components: SRAM front derailleurs
Recommended Use: road racing
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
Bolt Circle Diameter: 130, 110
Chainring Sizes: [standard] 53 / 39 T; [compact] 50 / 34 T