Quarq SRAM Red 22 Power Meter Crank Arms – GXP

Arm Material: carbon fiber
Recommended Use: road, triathlon, cyclocross
Rings: 2

Though SRAM’s presence is rather reduced within the pro peloton this year, sister-company Quarq’s SRAM GXP Red 22 Power Meter Crank Arms — with a counter-intuitive blend of pro-level functionality and self-sponsored price — continues to enjoy a dominance at local categorized crits and triathlons. The bodies of the arms take pleasure in the entire same Exogram Hollow and GXP bottom bracket technologies that inform the usual Red 22 crankset, but the actual draw is, of course, their brain. More correctly, we will have to write “brains,” as the Red 22 Power Meter records watts with not one but five strain gauges strategically placed right through the spider with the intention to measure the Newton meters you might be throwing into the pedals. Its claimed accuracy of +/- 1. 5% means it does so with 0. 5% more accurate than most meters, and since it communicates in your head unit by the use of ANT+ wireless, your current computer is likely already compatible with it. The crank arms’ proprietary Power Balance technology adds some other element to these measurements by charting the power you might be generating in both crank arms one by one, so you’ll be able to compare the two and identify weaknesses in both legs to target for improvement. And at the same time as Power Balance is nice, our favorite feature is also the ability to change the system battery yourself. Other systems require you to mail to your crankset for battery swap-outs, but the Red 22 model includes a tool-free user replacement system in addition to a predicted 300+ hours of ride time per battery. This means more time within the saddle and no need for backup cranksets. One issue that has plagued power meters since their inception is wildly variable temperatures in geographies where swiftly rising or falling mercury necessitates a number of mid-race zeroings. Even supposing it is just coasting for a couple of seconds or toggling through your head unit to the right kind option, it could actually still be the difference between winning and losing. Additionally it is obnoxious as hell. The Red 22 Power Meter addresses this…
Arm Material: carbon fiber
Advisable Use: road, triathlon, cyclocross
Rings: 2
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
BB Type: GXP