Rotor 3D Plus Powermeter Crankarms

Arm Material: alloy
Arm Length: 170 mm, 172.5 mm, 175 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter: [compact] 110 mm, [standard] 130 mm

We need to hand it to Rotor. Whilst gaining a good chunk of recognition through its Q-Ring design, Rotor continues to develop probably the most easiest componentry around the board through its extensive testing with the arena’s easiest cycling teams. This sort of rider feedback is integral to the designs of its products, which makes certain that they are built to carry as much as essentially the most demanding race situations. That is the mindset that helped initiate the improvement of the brand new 3D Plus Power Crankarms, as Rotor took its proven 3D crankarm construction and combined it with probably the most so much accurate powermeter technology to be had. At only 30g heavier than its standard 3D Plus Road Crankset, Rotor’s new 3D Plus Power system is without doubt one of the lightest powermeter packages to be had. That is because of the mating of two proven products: Rotor’s 3D Plus Cranks and the MEP lab power measurement system by AIP. This ‘power’ half of the equation is, in truth, made conceivable through two independent powermeters working together on both sides of the crankset. Eight total strain gauges have been placed throughout the crankarms, providing a highly accurate individual left and right ‘power balance’ measurement. Along with the system being ANT+ compatible, two new ANT+ protocols are measured, including torque efficiency and pedal smoothness. Torque efficiency is shown as a percentage, which measures both clockwise motion (positive) and counterclockwise (negative) movement. This ‘negative torque’ reading is a good idea in that it shows where you are not properly de-weighting your leg at the upstroke of the pedal stroke, thus creating dead weight. Furthering pedaling efficiency training, the system also measures pedal smoothness as a reading of your average torque as opposed to your max torque. The facility system features conveniently situated battery boards on both sides, making it a user-replaceable battery package. The system is driven by Rotor’s proven 3D Plus road cranks. Very similar to rest of the 3D line, the 3…
Arm Subject matter: alloy
Arm Length: 170 mm, 172.5 mm, 175 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter: [compact] 110 mm, [standard] 130 mm
Bottom Bracket: 68mm
BB Type: BB Right, BB 30