Shimano XTR FC-M9000-2 2x Race Crankset

Arm Material: aluminum
Arm Length: 175 mm, 170 mm
Chainring Sizes: 34 / 24 t, 36 / 26 t, 38 / 28 t

Shimano’s contemporary XTR crankset is, indubitably, its very best mountain crankset ever. The crankarms themselves have received A couple of upgrades, basically to cut back weight, however the chainrings have been extensively. The result’s that the XTR FC-M9000-2 2x Race Crankset is lighter and stiffer than any XTR crankset before. The M9000’s crankarms use Shimano’s tried-and-true formula–hollow-armed aluminum arms with proprietary spider and ring technology. A couple of changes have been made, alternatively. The left facet (non-drive) is now hollow-bonded for a discount in weight. The drive facet also loses A couple of grams, even as it carries a brand new four-bolt spider that may be compatible the entire single- or doublering configurations os Shimano’s new 9000 group. The chainrings have been totally redesigned for reduced weight and increased stiffness. The rings are hollow. They’re stiffer than ever, alternatively, way to their carbon-reinforced titanium alloy construction. Shift paths have been computer optimized for smooth and nearly instant shifting. The teeth also are titanium and feature been hollowed out as smartly to save lots of each conceivable gram.
Arm Subject matter: aluminum
Arm Length: 175 mm, 170 mm
Chainring Sizes: 34 / 24 t, 36 / 26 t, 38 / 28 t
Bottom Bracket: no longer included
BB Sort: a couple of to be had