1 Pair of Soft Comfortable Non-Slip Smooth Rectangular Pattern Dark Blue Bike Grips with Wide End Fits Most Standard BMX Mountain Bikes (5.08in Long, 0.87in Hole Diameter, 1.06-1.57in Wide)

Color: Dark Blue
Outer Diameter (Narrowest-Widest) / Hole Diameter: 2.7-4cm (1.06-1.57″) / 2.2cm (0.87″)
Length: 12.9cm (5.08″)

Robust handlebar grips product of non-slip rubber for optimum convenience. They are tacky in order that your hands don’t slip and comfortable for have an effect on-lowering convenience on your hands. The benefit of install makes this product nice instead or as a present. Offers a certified glance to any motorbike. Each and every order comes with 2 grips.
Colour: Darkish Blue
Outer Diameter (Narrowest-Widest) / Hole Diameter: 2.7-4cm (1.06-1.fifty seven”) / 2.2cm (zero.87″)
Duration: 12.9cm (five.08″)
Subject matter: Non-Slip Rubber
Bundle Comprises: 2 Grips ONLY!