3T Ventus II Limited Handlebar

Material: high modulus carbon fiber
Width: 40 cm
Drop: 40 mm

The enduring Ventus won gold and silver within the 2008 Beijing time trial. You’d think that accolades like that will be enough of a reason to keep the Ventus just as it’s. Then again, 3T doesn’t rest on its laurels. It completely renewed the aerobar with a redesign that may be sure to make the Ventus II as lauded as its predecessor. Your secondary booster rocket when it is time to blow past the contest, the Ventus II has benefitted from four years of professional rider feedback and development. The redesigned Ventus includes a base bar that weighs a mere 790 grams. It was once constituted of high-modulus carbon fiber. in what 3T calls a “clean sheet design.” Which means that components are engineered from the interior out to make optimal use of the strengths of carbon fiber, reasonably than being designed primarily based purely on aesthetics. 3T uses a pc-aided engineering platform (CAE) and its Intelligent Production Lifecycle to design bike components to aerospace standards.To create a feeling of security for the rider, the Ventus II features elbow rests that lock into the highest skin of the basebar — they are going to not skew misplaced regardless of how much pressure is applied. Moreover, the handholds (bullhorns) have been redesigned for a more positive grip. Ventus II is customizable for athletes of each and every physique. To this end, the neoprene elbow pads move with the extensions in order that you hand-to-elbow relationship remains constant. The bar is adjustable for height. The Ventus II comes with straight extensions as usual, but when you prefer a different position, s-bend and ski-bend extensions are to be had one by one.The 3T Ventus II is to be had in a width of 40cm and a Succeed in of 140mm. The steerer clamp measures 28. 6mm. It is available in Gloss black.
Subject material: high modulus carbon fiber
Width: 40 cm
Drop: 40 mm
Succeed in: 140 mm
Compatible Components: 28.6mm steerer tube