Deda Elementi Bandito Handlebar

Each every so often, a component is developed that shakes us to our very core. Like, as an example, once we saw the Deda Bandito integrated handlebars at Eurobike last year; we were not the one ones within the room scooping our jaws off of the floor. The Bandito looks adore it’s authorized to make use of lethal force; when armed to your time trial bike, it’ll without a doubt annihilate the competition. More aerodynamic than a Predator Drone, the Deda Bandito is a svelte game-changer with a purpose to turn heads and come up with an aero advantage that wins triathlons and time trials.The Deda Bandito’s name says it all — with these bars, you may as well be stealing the competition. The Bandito is shaped from a Monocoque carbon fiber composite that is one part lightweight, two parts aerodynamic, and 1,000,000 parts awesome to have a look at. But, at only 540g, the Bandito proves that its stealth shape is not only for fearsome aesthetics, but essential to its aerodynamic performance. Initially, the internal cable routing allows the smooth bar surface to stay uninterrupted by drag. The elimination of exposed housing also provides greater arm comfort over long rides. Next, Deda implemented an air vent system to both reduce weight and maximize airflow. The brand new hollowed-out design forces air during the front vent and out the sides of the stem. Deda’s logic at the back of that is to keep watch over the behavior of drag as a substitute of letting drag keep watch over the design of the Bandito. The whole thing from the streamlined top cap to the recessed stem bolts have been purposefully designed to advertise a smooth airflow and shave seconds off of the clock.The Deda Bandito features an integrated bar and stem for maximum rigidity and efficient aerodynamics. To stack more innovation on top of innovation, the Bandito also utilizes a new Adjustable Lift Angle System. This allows variations within the stem’s positioning angle from 73 to 76 degrees.