Fizik Composite Carbon Cyrano Bicycle 00 Handlebar (Made for Bull)

31.8 (clamp) – 24.8 (top) Diameter
75 mm Reach
125 mm Drop

The Cyrano 00 is the absolute best specification, made out of Top-Modulus Uni-Directional carbon fiber. Unidirectional carbon fiber has the fibers all orientated in the similar approach. By means of combining layers of carbon at other angles, the stiffness of the part can also be exactly tuned. Top-modulus carbon is phenomenally robust, permitting portions to be made very gentle with out compromising protection. The Cyrano 00 Bull accommodate for the least versatile Bulls riders who require a moderately more upright using position for optimum convenience and potency. That is produced By means of decreasing the Achieve (80mm) and introducing a nonetheless shallower drop (130mm).
31.8 (clamp) – 24.8 (most sensible) Diameter
75 mm Achieve
125 mm Drop
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