Fizik Composite Carbon Cyrano Bicycle R1 Handlebar (Made for Bull)

31.8 (clamp) – 24.8 (top) Diameter
75 mm Reach
125 mm Drop

The Cyrano R1 is the medium specification, comprised of Prime-Modulus carbon fiber. HM carbon bars may also be made simply as sturdy as HMUD carbon bars, however, requiring extra subject material, incorporates a minor weight penalty over the variability-topping Cyrano 00 type. The result’s primarily sturdy, and really gentle. The Cyrano R1 Bull accommodate for the least versatile Bulls riders who require a rather extra upright driving place for max convenience and potency. That is produced by way of decreasing the Succeed in (80mm) and introducing a nonetheless shallower drop (130mm).
31.8 (clamp) – 24.8 (best) Diameter
75 mm Succeed in
125 mm Drop